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The community readiness program is designed for post-secondary students. The Bridges Community Readiness program is a full-time collegiate and vocational program. It is based on skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum and Utah's Portrait of a Graduate. Community readiness focuses on community preparedness. A young adult's community includes many aspects of their life. It can include their family/personal, church, collegiate, and work. The goal of the BCRP is to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to take control of their life.

The Bridges Community Readiness Program is not an extension of high school education. It is a designated program with coaching, community based instruction, targeted intervention, and comprehensive preparation for the rigor of their next step in life. This dynamic program is led by the Expanded Core Services Division which includes certified vision impairment education professionals, a certified O&M instructor, dual certified special education teacher, VRT, and an education services aide. Real life experience requires real life teaching. For that purpose, we have the community readiness coaches. The Community Readiness Coaches specialize in 3 areas: Communications, Community Based instruction, and life coaching. Mentoring is a proven effective support for young adults.

Meet the Community Readiness Coaches

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Frankie Ann Marcille

Take Charge Coach

Headshot of Corina Lopes.

Corina Lopes

Communications Coach

A headshot of JP

Jp williams

Life Coach

Read about Frankie

Frankie Ann Marcille (she/her) is a legally blind author, educator, and advocate from southeastern Connecticut, currently residing in Manhattan, New York. At three months old, she was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia; a condition that resulted in legal blindness. Frankie Ann has spent her entire life adapting to her visual impairment, learning to never let it hold her back, and advocating for others to do the same! She earned her BA in Theatre Arts from Western Connecticut State University and is currently studying to obtain her master’s degree and dual certification in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy/Orientation and Mobility from Hunter College. Frankie Ann is certified as a DIR Floortime therapist; a method of therapeutic instruction for students with Autism and other neuro-developmental delays. Over the past decade, Frankie Ann has traveled the country teaching and advocating for individuals of all ages with multiple disabilities. As an educator, Frankie Ann has most recently been working for the Utah School for the Blind’s Bridges to Community Readiness program, piloting two new courses for blind students ages 17-21. As an advocate, Frankie Ann has joined the team at Elle Jones Casting Company. Her role as a Casting Associate allows her to recruit talent with disabilities for film/television, and as an Accessibility Specialist she advocates for accessibility for those actors on set. Additionally, Frankie Ann has consulted for global brands such as Starbucks on topics of accessibility and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Frankie Ann is also a published author. Her children’s book Yes: The Story of a Dreamer (illustrated by Patrick Regan and published by Leaning Rock Press) is now available for purchase. To learn more about Frankie Ann, you can visit her website: frankieannmarcille.com.

read about corina

Corina A. Lopes is a hands-on and results-oriented communications professional with 15+ years’ experience and passion for all aspects of narrative empowerment and storytelling. She has had successful career growth and milestones with renowned organizations including ESPN and Disney, LIFE Publications, Connecticut institutions of higher learning, and Hartford Healthcare. At the end of 2019, she began a new chapter in Tennessee. Corina currently leads external communication strategies for various education and social welfare organizations in the region.

read about jp

JP Williams is a performing songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s co-writer on the three-week no. 1 hit single “Best Shot”—the song that launched the career of country music artist Jimmie Allen.

JP has performed on the Grand Ole Opry (a stunning solo acoustic performance of his song entitled “The Grand Ole Opry” cowritten with Bobby Tomberlin), as well as countless other notable stages throughout his career in the music industry.

He writes under his own publishing company, Blonde Leading Blind Music. Previously, he was signed as a staff writer with Major Bob Music for seven years.

In addition to songwriting, JP is an accomplished singer, songwriting workshop leader, and public speaker. Blind since age 10, he brings a unique, seasoned perspective to every opportunity. He has an innate gift for connecting with audiences through humor and music to share wisdom and inspiration.

To keep up with JP, follow @blindmangram on Instagram or visit jpwilliams.net.

Preparation Now.

Success for Life.

Take a year to prepare. The BCRP length is based on student needs. Some students may be with us for a year, others may be with us longer. It serves as a gap year program. Some students may need to catch up on skills or need more practice. That's why we say preparation now, success for life.

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Bridges Community Readiness Program objectives:

  • Prepare students to develop the lifelong skills to be thriving, contributing members of their communities.

  • Prepare students to develop the tools needed to help succeed as degree-seeking undergraduate/technical college students.

  • Preparation for the workforce by equipping students with skills to be productive, collaborative, information literate and problem solvers.

  • Develop lifelong skills for self-reliance, orientation & mobility and social-emotional areas.

apply for bridges community readiness today

Admissions criteria for Bridges Community Readiness:

Consideration for admission to the Bridges Community Readiness program is given to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Students may have multiple disabilities, however their primary disability or needs should be related to visual impairments.

  • Have successfully completed high school and no longer enrolled in a school district.

  • Completed high school with a diploma or alternative diploma.

  • Demonstrate communication skills adequate to interact with others in the community independently or with minimal assistance/coaching.

  • Demonstrates emotional and behavioral stability appropriate for their age. Student possesses skills to regulate their behavior appropriately.

  • Able to self-administer medications.

  • Can perform standard independent living skills such as preparing simple meals, housekeeping, personal hygiene, etc. independently.

  • Meet eligibility requirements for Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

  • Able to identify job-related interests and career goals.

  • Express interest in living and working as independently as possible in the community after completing the Bridges Community Readiness Program.

  • Desire to continue education in a college/technical college setting.

  • Is academically on or just below grade level with typically developing peers; has some work habits and skills to engage in rigorous learning.

  • Score of 300 or higher on “Perkins Compass Program High School Checklist for College Readiness”.

  • Admissions Requirements:

  • Recent orientation and mobility assessment

  • Able to live and complete a variety of daily living, vocational and executive functioning tasks independent or with minimal support from support staff.