Transferring my samples onto a garments. I added structure into an old top then my samples onto the shoulders. My sample is made up of wool wrapped wire, beaded wire, red gems and thread.

Playing around with structure and practising different type of bodices. (above)

(Below) The complete opposite bent and woven medical wire also looks at structure in a symetrical abstract way.

my screen print process

I gathered secondary photographs of medical equipment and builders wire and played around with the composition

I then used pencil and drew out my favourite collage

I wanted my design to be neater and have clean, defined lined so I used Adobe Draw to redraw it.

First rough design

Second design is more refined less messy and easier to look at

Print onto tight fitted dress

-wire sculpted overlay

Dress I made however I thought it was too lowcut and the straps would draw attention away from the tube structure. The dress had limited strech and came out too yellow tones.

Too dye the fabric I used vegitables and spices; I used red and brown onions, betroot and paprika.

evaluation to elevate garment

Using ink and water to create the illusion of blood, I used the syringe to fill the tubes. I sealed the tubee ends using a lighter and hot glue. i left some of the tubing empty to partially keep the original design. This added much needed colour to the garment and made it stand out from the back drop.