Ragmeg Alleycat

ragmeg verb, imperative, Hungarian 1 ' Push it real hard!'
Ragmeg Alleycat is a 'bike messenger'-themed action/dodging game, a fast paced reverse Paperboy where you have to collect packages and avoid collisions in an alleycat bike race through the evening rush hour traffic.

Review at TheIndieGameMagazine (freeware indie game roundup).
// Single or two players mode!
// Lo-fi visual style and original music!
// Eight sub-challenges for special jerseys and extra points!
// Two players mode is a unique mixture of cooperative and versus gameplay: you collect
        points together but compete individually in the sub-challenges!
// Choose your bike: a fixed gear for more points or a freewheel for more control!
// Choose your racing style: ride aggressively in heavy traffic for a higher score or 
        choose the escape lanes (pavements and parks) if things get risky!
Game info
//Game, graphics and music: Zsolt Bartok //Genre: action-dodging //Year:2011// Sound effects: freesfx.co.uk, soundjay.com, sfxr by DrPetter//
Creative Commons Licenc
Ragmeg Alleycat (.zip, 25MB. No install, just extract and play!)
Quickstart Guide (.pdf, 42KB)
Cover Art (.png, 75KB)