Happy Jets of Water

Freeware isometric arena shooter!

Happy Jets of Water is an isometric arena shooter where you fight with water guns against bots and/or a friend of yours! Pick your avatar, choose a water gun, select your enemies and shoot until you soak'em all!

// Single or split-screen two players mode!
// Sixteen unlockable characters, seven unlockable guns and seven maps!
// Four game modes: Soak'em All, Team Wetmatch, Fill The Bucket, Steal The Dog!
// Non-aggressive gameplay: there is no blood nor death!
// Blocky graphics and original title track!
// Customize your own battles!
Game info
//Game, graphics and music: Zsolt Bartok //Genre: arena shooter //Year:2012

Creative Commons Licenc


Happy Jets Of Water (.zip, 18MB. No install, just extract and play!)

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