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Ragmeg Alleycat: Behind the Scenes

posted 19 Feb 2012, 08:59 by Zsolt Bartok   [ updated 19 Feb 2012, 09:43 ]
My first game Ragmeg Alleycat was released four months ago, and before posting any new info about my upcoming second title, I think it may be interesting to recap all the ideas and experiences I had during the development.

About the main idea: the inspirational source for the game is Uberleben. Its simple gameplay - dodging stuff - is surprisingly entertaining. What I did was I mixed this game mechanic with the bike messenger theme.

Gameplay: I tried to give some freedom to the player by allowing them to increase the score in many ways. I also had an idea of a user-defined difficulty level: the player cannot directly change the difficulty but they have the possibility to use safer zones if things go out of their control.
Pixelated visuals: I went for lo-fi, for many reasons. I like pixelart; the simplicity fits the gameplay; it was easy to draw  and it allowed me to focus on gameplay. Pixelated images are also cool because your mind "fills" them out so that you see detailed images instead of 8x8 grids of jumbo pixels:)

Sound: I used free sound samples for street ambience (links in the readme) and my own songs for background music. I couldn't use sound file compressions (GM8 Lite limitation), this increased my game size a lot.

Tools: I had Game Maker 8 Lite, it was a great help for my messy GML code. I used Audacity for sound editing, Gimp for drawing stuff and IrfanView for image conversions. I like GM's built-in sprite editor too!