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Pilota: the progress so far

posted 2 Jan 2013, 11:13 by Zsolt Bartok
I am still working on my actual game Pilota  - in my own relaxed pace, of course:) I spend as much time with it as I can afford, and things go well. This is what happened in the last four months:

First I made an algorithm for creating worlds. I want my game world to be kinda random, partly because it is fun, but mostly because it saves a lot of time as I won't have to spend days/weeks putting tiles by tiles.

After this I worked on the vehicle movement: planes, helicopters, and cars too.

Then I spent quite some time creating my planes and the tileset. Previously I started to work on the graphics only when the game was in an almost playable phase. This time though I wanted to see it sooner how the game would work with a little bit more detailed graphics (that is: not cubes and dots:). I also decided that for the plane animations I would use the technique I tried in my previous game Happy Jets of Water: I turn rendered 3D images into animated sprites.

There's still a lot of things to do, but this game will be great:)