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Kids And Water Guns

posted 21 Feb 2012, 08:52 by Zsolt Bartok
This is what my next game is about: arena battles with water guns! There will be kids playing, hiding, running and shooting in different environments. 

There will also be a little bit of story included in the gameplay, but the most important element is to create short custom battles and have fun running around on the maps!

Actually, his theme has followed me for many years; I started to make it in Flash back then, and now it will be finished in GML. 
I made a picture of a character (you can find it below) to give you an idea what the game is going to look like. I built a prototype out of LEGO blocks and then remade it in Cube Kingdom. Yes, it's deliberately simple and lo-fi (again), that's the way I like it! 
Zsolt Bartok,
21 Feb 2012, 08:52