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Isometric Arena Shooter Is Under Development!

posted 20 Feb 2012, 08:44 by Zsolt Bartok
Yes, as the title says, my next game is going to be an isometric arena shooter. No final title or screenshots  yet, sorry about that... They are coming soon! 

I have been working on the game for three months now, and the gameplay looks stable. It will be something like this:
-one or two players mode (versus or coop), battles against bots,
-four different battle types,
-lots of unlockable characters, weapons and maps,
-voxel-ish visuals,
-non-aggressive gameplay, no blood 0r death...

The last feature will be explained in my following post:)
I am working on the characters and graphics now, I use Cube Kingdom and Metasequoia to build the world, great tools they are!