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About Voxel-ish Graphics

posted 9 Mar 2012, 09:44 by Zsolt Bartok
Games using voxels look so cool, and they are trendy as well. I also use 3d cubes to build my next game, but to be honest, the trendiness of voxel-based graphics is a disadvantage for me. Who wants a 100th voxel-ish game?

But of course, there is an advantage, too. Besides its sweet chunkiness (which I really like, actually), the reason I chose cubes is not simply aesthetic, but a lot more practical. Cubes allow me to use a fake 3d view. The game is in 2d, it is sprite based, but the sprites are built in 3d and then rendered to 2d.  Since the game is an isometric game with a 360 degrees movement, this means a lot of sprites. I cannot rotate sprites with external softwares, I need different images for all directions. With 3d cubes, I can easily make smooth rotation without drawing hundreds of sprites. Also, I am not a pro pixel artist, and it takes a lot of time for me to design and draw stuff.  3d simply saves time.

So the main thing is: voxels look great, but also they're very effective for me. I have no problem with hand-drawn things, though; I also have game ideas where I might be using my scanned drawings - but this time, the help of 3d is more important. And I think the game will look cool, too:)