Area of interest : Heat Transfer and fluid flow , Computational science
At Purdue, I worked at the Cooling Technologies Research Center with Prof Amy Marconnet and Prof John Howarter on cooling mobile phones by using Phase Change Materials (such as wax).  You can view more details by clicking on the Projects and Internships tabs.  
Masters Thesis - Click here                                                                                                                       During my senior year (undergrad), I worked on modelling of electromagnetic stirring of liquid metals Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. where I wrote user defined functions in Ansys Fluent to solve Maxwell's equations and validate results with standard electromagnetic field formulations.
Undergrad Senior Design Project Report (Thesis) - Click here
Teaching Experience - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

As a Senior, conducted tutorial sessions in Thermodynamics for a class of 60 sophomores acting as facilitator to help students solve problems and provide student feedback to instructor. 

Conducted laboratory session for 60 sophomores in Fluid Mechanics on turbulent flows performing the Reynolds Experiment providing insight on flow regimes and intuitive understanding of Reynolds number. Responsible for student performance assessment.