A brief description of projects done in grad school and undergrad is provided below. These projects comprise were done as a part of a thesis/internship/coursework/ independent study

1. Passive Thermal Management using Phase Change materials

PI's: Dr. Amy Marconnet, Dr. John Howarter

Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA

Masters Thesis Project

Develop a thermal management solution using passive thermal management - phase change materials (PCMs) to:

1. Increase operating time of package and/or device before the thermal limit of the package/system is reached

2. Enable locally high removal rates at hot spot locations (phase change + improved thermal conduction), allowing convenient integration and application to existing device configurations

2. Modeling of electromagnetic stirring of liquid metals (Undergraduate thesis)

PI's: Dr Pramod Kumar (IISc,Bangalore) , Dr. Jayasankar Variyar (VIT University)

Undergraduate Research Intern , Center for Semi-Solid Forming, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Electromagnetic stirring finds applications in continuous casting of steel. The stirring of molten metals inhibits the formation of dendrites thus improving the performance integrity. A finite volume approach using FLUENT to model electromagnetic stirring was adopted. To solve Maxwell's electromagnetic equations, user defined functions / scalar equations were written. The code was validated with standard electromagnetic field formulations (magnetic field around a current carrying wire, ring , solenoid). The next step involved computing the Lorentz force and coupling the Navier stokes and energy equation with the Maxwell equation. The Lorentz force was added as a source term to the momentum equations.

Thesis defense presentation - click here (embedded videos not shown)

Thesis - click here

3.Viability of using Sodium and Potassium Salts as Heat Storage Medium

PI's: Dr.Prodyut Chakraborty and Dr. Laltu Chandra

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship ,Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, India

Designing of thermal storage systems is one of the key factors to successfully utilize the excess available energy from concentrated solar thermal collectors even at a period when solar radiation is not readily available. However, the thermal storage devices are yet to be well developed and require special attention in order to attain application viability. To study their viability, a literature review was done to determine the thermo-physical properties of different salt systems and a simulation of solidification and melting of different salt systems was done using FLUENT solver to determine the charging and discharging times of select salt systems. A User Defined Function was implemented to account for the variation in thermo-physical properties of salt system. The report for this project can be viewed here.

The poster that was presented at the conclusion of this internship program can be seen here.

Projects done as independent study or part of coursework during undergrad , grad school

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