Yvonne Long
About The Artist

I was raised on a grape farm in the small town of Harborcreek, Pennsylvania which rests on the shores of Lake Erie. As a child my mother would invest in my love for art by getting instructional art books by Robert Foster and also paying for art lessons in nearby Erie. 

I took all art classes in high school and was accepted at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. But God had different plans for me! Plans that I couldn't see at the time, but now, looking back I think God knew exactly where I was headed and He blessed me accordingly. 

After painting as a lifetime student, a need I will never outgrow, I retired from Dental Assisting with 30 years behind me. 

Now I look forward to expanding my horizons where they are beautiful all the time here in Florida. I have varied interests but I have a special affinity for working with oil and watercolor paints. I have recently expanded into miniature art. Last but not least, I always keep that sketchbook handy!

Artfully yours, Yvonne Long

Please contact me with any questions or comments about my art work.