Sample VOR Finder Output

Default Hawaii

VOR Distance & Headings

VOR Names

This table shows the complete name and position of each VOR detected in the Map. Typically these are used as waypoints or to locate airports in a map. The position data is indicated in meters from the origin of the map. In YSFlight, the ground is in the x-z plane, with positive x values being north of the origin, and positive z positions being east of the origin.

Distance and Heading Table

To use this table, an origin and destination VOR number must be selected from the VOR Names table above. In each table cell there are two numbers. The first is the compass heading from the origin to the destination VOR and the second is the distance between them in nautical miles.

There are two ways to use this table. Each method will provide the desired information. The cell that is in both row and column contains the heading and distance information to travel from the origin to the destination VOR.

  1. Select an origin VOR from the left-most column. Find the column for the destination VOR.
  2. Select an origin VOR from one of the numbered columns. Find the row with the destination VOR in the left-most column.

Note: These headings do not factor in any magnetic compass offsets that some YSFlight maps have.

This document was generated by VOR Finder v1.0, Copyright (c) Decaff_42.