Blender Text Tutorials

I have several text tutorials about using blender scattered about and YSFS Wiki. To compliment these and to also answer requests for information I had written several tutorials to go here. I have collected all my tutorials here for completeness. The titles and summaries are fairly descriptive, and the tutorials are organized alphabetically by title.


WIP = Work In Progress. This means that the tutorial has been started and there is some information present on the page, however it is not complete.

TBS = To Be Started This indicates that I will be working on this tutorial at some point in the future.

Blender YSFlight Animations

This guide will take you through the basics of animating in blender. It assumes you have some knowledge of blender however many things are given in step-by-step directions to help you through some of the more unique processes.

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Word (.docx) Download (MediaFire)

This tutorial will show you how to get a google sketchup model into blender. I have used this technique to get a base model from which to develop by Boeing 757s.

Making decals can be a great way to get an airline logo onto your airplane. However, making decals can take a lot of work and practice to figure out how to best make them. This will show you the basics of tracing, using curves, and finally, using fonts.

This tutorial series is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a capable user of blender. The goal is to learn by doing, so I use a model from OWL's airline pack as a demonstrative model. This is different from the video tutorials so that you can potentially learn something new try things in a different way.

This little tutorial came about after I struggled to make a 5-point star for a Soviet aircraft decal. After a lot of math and trial and error I figured there must have been a better way...Here's how you do it!

This tutorial will discuss how to identify a shading issue, understand how it is caused and then show you how to fix it.

Use modifiers in Blender to make a "shadow" behind your text.

This tutorial will show you how to stretch (or shrink) an aircraft in blender to form a new version. In this tutorial I will stretch a 757-200 into a 757-300.

A bunch of short tutorials that show you how to use a tool in Blender for modding in YSFlight.