Ask the Lord's Help

Making the invisible God real to a young child is probably the hardest task any parent faces. Think about it: If the Law of God is a reflection of His character, a parent is to reflect that character to their children. As a parent, you are a living illustration of God to your child. The Law of God must be re-shaping who you are in order for you to shape your child. 

One of the methods of teaching our children about the living God is to demonstrate our willingness to help them in all their basic needs and menial tasks. It’s one thing to feed and clothe our children; it’s quite another to put our own desires aside in order to meet their desires. That means we must be willing to stop what we’re doing, or get up from our resting place in order to be with them, play with them, acquiesce to their reasonable requests.

The other day, I asked my little girl to set the table for breakfast. I made sure that everything she needed was within easy reach – I had prepared the way for her to obey cheerfully and willingly; but, she frowned at me, unwilling to stop her play.

I assured her the task would not take long and then she could resume her play. The frown became a scowl. I stopped preparing breakfast. Drawing near to her, I knelt beside her and softly said: “I made a simple request of you and now you are upset with me. Why have you let Satan cause you anger? Ask Jesus to help you push Satan away. Ask Jesus to help you obey mommy.” She folded her arms over her chest and huffed.

I saw she was not yet able to surrender. Not wanting to give her time to escalate, I quickly asked: “May I pray for you?” To this request she succumbed and knelt with me. I prayed for her and after a short prayer for help from Jesus, I asked: “How’s your heart?” Not quite willing to let go of her irritation with me, she said: “A little, tiny bit better.” Then, with my help, she willingly set the table for breakfast.

How did this scenario help make the invisible God real to my child? Because, I am teaching her to ask the Lord to help her in the little things of life and He answered.1 Each answered prayer affirms and reaffirms that He is listening to her and working with her. He is becoming more and more real to her every day, in every situation.

And so, as we work, I ask my 4 year old to join me in singing the little song:

God will take care of you

Through every day, in every way

He will take care of you!

God will take care of you.



© 2010, C. Gillan Byrne


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