Belonging to God

Satan has been studying your child from birth and knows every inkling, every like and dislike, every fascination. He will use them against you, to draw your child away from God; but, God knows your child and He will help save them from Satan’s lures. Allow me to share a story as an example.

In our home, we do not allow the Disney princesses, whom we refer to as the “silly girls” (2Timothy 3:6). Instead, we have purposefully cultivated a love for that which is real and meaningful: Animals, plants, flowers, natural phenomenon, astronomy, insects, marine life, and the list goes on and on. We are constantly reminding our daughter of God’s goodness and love through these as we experience the learning they provide.

Alas, she has a fascination for “Hello Kitty” and the “silly girls”.

We have been especially firm about no “silly girl” items… until our most recent purchase of night-time diapers. We bought the pink package that looked like our previous purchases. Neither mommy nor daddy noticed the icons; we were too busy talking.

Then, at bedtime, little Lucy could not wait to put on her new night-time diaper! That’s when mommy noticed what had actually been purchased. I would have gladly exchanged them at the store but we were traveling and that was not a possibility. We had inadvertently bought “silly girl” diapers and now what was I going to do?

Disappointed in myself and upset with her childish glee, I turned to the Lord for guidance. I continued dressing Lucy for the night – “silly girl” diaper under her pajamas, all the while asking “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” (Acts9:6).

Within moments, I remembered a picture in my Bible of the woman of Revelation12:1. I pulled out the picture and held it up next to the “silly girl” diaper my daughter was wearing. Turning her toward the full length mirror, I asked my 4-year old: “Tell me what you see different between this lady and these ‘silly girls’?”

For the next several moments, Lucy and I discussed the obvious differences between Disney’s “silly girls” and God’s woman: Crowns, jewelry, clothing, make-up. (We didn’t discuss their behaviors because Lucy has never seen any Disney movies; thus, she wouldn’t know how to differentiate the “silly girl” behaviors from those of God’s woman.)

Then, I reminded Lucy that God’s woman in the Bible is a symbol of the church, that she and I are both girls and we belong to God. “We don’t want to be like them," I said.

Her childish glee seemed stayed; but I knew I would have to deal with this several more times, until she is willing to surrender these new, pink diapers and replace them with a non-“silly girl” brand. Until then, I kept the pink diapers in the closet, but I would not use any more of them. I purchased and used a generic diaper. Lucy would ask from time to time if she could wear a “silly girl” diaper to bed. Each time, I would remind her of our previous conversation, about belonging to God and not dishonoring Him by having the “silly girls” in our home. Then I would pray again for God to speak to her heart as only He can do.

Seems like a ridiculous prayer, but God knows my child and He will help me save her from Satan’s lures. It took three weeks. Then one evening, Lucy said: “Mommy, I know you don’t want the ‘silly girls’ in our home and I’m going to respect you. You can give away my ‘silly girl’ diapers to someone else.”



© 2012, C. Gillan Byrne


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