Natural & Logical Consequences

Natural consequences are the result of going against nature: If you don't eat snack, (or lunch), you will get hungry.  Logical consequences are the result of going against social rules. “If you deliberately bump your tricycle into your sister, you will be asked to get off the tricycle and go play elsewhere.”


Natural consequences do not require interference from adults unless the result could be dangerous to the child, such as jumping from a swing or walking too close behind the swings, etc...

            Logical consequences have the following qualities:

·         They express the rules of social living

·         They are related directly to the misbehavior

·         They separate the deed from the doer

·         They are concerned with behavior which happens now, not in the past

·         They permit choice

·         The consequences result from a choice the child makes.


By using natural and logical consequences and asking questions to encourage problem solving, parents can appeal to the young child’s growing intellectual and moral reasoning.


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