Distraction and Redirection

When a child is or is about to become involved in a conflict with another child or engaging in an unacceptable activity, distraction is the first choice of discipline.  The goal is to disengage their attention from the immediate situation.  By first speaking the child's name and gently touching them on the arm or shoulder to get their attention, then offering the child an acceptable activity or object, the unacceptable activity is avoided.  This is done in a friendly, non‑threatening manner and works wonderfully with young children, including infants!


Verbal praise and other reward systems will enhance redirecting unacceptable behavior to an acceptable alternative.  We praise children for their appropriate behavior and successes by describing what we see and the benefits to them.  "I see the books are all on the shelf.  Thank you for helping us keep a clean room."


Age Appropriate Time-Out

Choices & Consequences

Imitation Is Dangerous

Natural & Logical Consequences

Prohibited Actions

Structuring the Environment