Choices & Consequences

As children grow, they must make choices and take responsibility for those choices.  This method offers the children an increasing amount of independence, helps develop cooperation and demonstrates respect for their likes/dislikes.  Sometimes a reply such as, “That is not one of the choices” must be used, however, the child still has the appropriate choices or the 'right' to make no choice at all and thus must accept the parent's choice. 


Giving a child who is having trouble a choice enables them to be a part of the decision‑making process and often times results in an acceptable choice.


Positive reinforcement, both tangible and intangible, is vital here, so use many forms of verbal and non‑verbal praise such as smiles, winks, hugs, stamps, stickers and other such reinforcements.


Age Appropriate Time-Out

Distraction and Redirection

Imitation Is Dangerous

Natural & Logical Consequences

Prohibited Actions

Structuring the Environment