Learning Activities & Materials for Infants

Language Development

·    Cloth or cardboard books, safe to the mouth

·    Books of various kinds, sizes, shapes, interaction

·    Container filled with pictures mounted on cardboard and covered with Contact® paper

·    Cloth or rubber puppets with no removable parts

·    Pictures of infants’ families, familiar objects, and animals


Sensory Stimulation

·    Mobiles

·    Unbreakable Mirrors

·    Wall hangings – textured, touchable, securely fastened

·    Adult rocking chairs

·    Peek-a-boo toys

·    Jack-in–the-box type toys

·    Clutch balls

·    Rattles

·    Squeeze toys

·    Toys for sucking, chewing, and teething

·    Bell bracelets

·    Hand mitts made from baby socks

·    Beanbags

·    Cuddle toys, animals, and dolls

·    Push and squeeze toys

·    Music boxes

·    Tape or CD player and tapes or CDs

·    Texture balls

·    Texture glove made from a variety of materials (made to be worn by adult)

·    Water table or plastic bathtub or basin for closely supervised water play

·    Plastic containers: cups, bowls, bottles, pitchers, etc. for water/sand play


Manipulative Toys

·    Shape-sorting toys

·    Pop-up toys

·    Large pop beads

·    Nesting boxes

·    Large, soft blocks

·    Containers in graduated sizes (such as plastic bowls or cups)

·    Pegboards with large holes and large, colored pegs

·   Cardboard boxes with lids

·    Busy boxes

·    Stacking post and rings


Gross-Motor Development

·    Small cars and trucks

·    Soft balls of various sizes

·    Riding toys without pedals and propelled by arms or feet

·    Large cardboard boxes



·    Large, nontoxic crayons and paper

·    Play dough (edible) and blunt, wooden dowels to use as tools

·    Box of small pieces of fabric of varied textures and colors

·    Finger-paints and paper or shallow trays

·    Plastic smocks or donated over-sized T-shirts

·    Colorful or decorative tablecloth for floor covering


Dramatic Play

·    Pots and pans

·    Large wooden or plastic spoons

·    Toy telephone

·    Hats

·    Purses and tote bags

·    Unbreakable tea set

·    Dolls – soft, unbreakable, washable, and multi-ethnic


Outdoor Play

·    Shallow wading pool only used with close one-on-one supervision

·    Water table or plastic bathtub or basin for sand/water play

·    Plastic containers: cups, bowls, bottles, pitchers (for sand/water play)

·    Strollers or buggies, wagons and riding toys

·    Blankets to put down for young infants to lie on or crawl on

·    Umbrellas, screens, or “tents” to provide shade

·    Extra hats, mittens, and scarves

·    Balls

·    Large boxes

·    Small climbers

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