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Who Made Dinosaurs?


Memory Verse


Have you ever seen a really tall person? Did they have big hands and big feet?

Have you ever seen a really big, tall animal? What was it? An elephant? A giraffe? A dinosaur?

Nature Notes

Who made elephants? God did.

Who made giraffes? God did.

Who made dinosaurs? Yes, God did. He made small dinosaurs and He made big dinosaurs.

In the Bible, in the book of Job, chapter 40, verses 15-24, God talks about a creature called a “behemoth” who was created by God. Behemoth means “big”, “huge”, “enormous”. So this creature was huge, but he ate grass. He was very strong, and his tail was like a very large tree, but he liked to lay in the shade and drink water from a river.

Spiritual Connection

Our God is quite amazing. He created the behemoths. That means He created the dinosaurs. Just like God created the heavens and the earth, the sea and all the animals that are in the sky and sea. God created the dinosaurs. Just like He created all the other animals and all the teeny, tiny insects. Just like He created Adam and Eve. Just like He created you and me. God created the dinosaurs.




Photos & Prints


Geoscience Research Institute, teaching resources

Amazing Discoveries Science

US Geological Survey, pictures, videos, information (beware of timelines)

Job 40:15-24



Do you suppose the little dinosaurs had little feet?

Do you suppose the big dinosaurs had big feet?

What size of feet do you think Adam and Eve had? Big or little?

I wonder: How big do you think God is? Do you think He has big hands and feet?

What size of feet do you have? Shall we check and see?

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