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The Unicorn

Memory Verse


Do you know what a unicorn is?  My daughter thinks she knows. Where do unicorns live? Can we go see one? Can you have a unicorn farm? Have you ever ridden on a unicorn?

Nature Notes

Did you know that unicorns are mentioned in the Bible? Indeed, they are. If we look in the Bible, there are several verses that describe unicorns. Let’s study a few minutes about what the Bible says about unicorns and figure out what animal the Bible refers to as a unicorn. The relevant Bible verses and described attributes are:

·         Strength (Numbers 23:22)

·         Destroy (Numbers 24:8)

·         Break (Numbers 24:8)

·         Pierce (Numbers 24:8)

·         Push… to the ends of the earth (Deuteronomy 33:17)

·         They do not serve people (Job 39:9)

·         They do not rest by the child’s crib (Job 39:9)

·         They will not pull a plow or furrow rows for planting or irrigation (Job 39:10)

·         They are fierce and dangerous (Psalm 22:21)

·         When young, they can jump, or skip, like a calf or wild ox (Psalm 29:6 AMP)

·         His horn symbolizes excessive strength and stately grace (Psalm 92:10 AMP)

Based on the Bible’s own description of a unicorn, this animal doesn’t sound like a horse with a large horn on its head, does it? Not at all! Nor does it sound like a wild ox, as other Bible translations call it. After all, an ox has two horns and can be trained to serve people, pull a plow and dig furrows.

So what could this unicorn animal be?


Spiritual Connection

The unicorn in pictures we see today is a white horse with a single, spiraled horn projecting from his head, with the beard and cloven feet of a goat. Does the picture of a unicorn horse look like the unicorn described in the Bible? Is the unicorn horse able to break bones? Do horses refuse to serve people and help on the farm? Are unicorn horses fierce and dangerous?

No. The Bible is not talking about a horse with a horn. In fact, the unicorn horse is not a real animal. The unicorn horse is only a cartoon, a drawing; a make-believe animal.

But the Bible does talk about unicorns! So what kind of animal has one horn on his head?

Is very strong?

Has the power and strength to destroy and break big things?

Is fierce and dangerous?

Will never help a farmer?

Have you guessed it?

I’ll give you some hints:

·         In the wild, they live in African and Asia…

·         You will often see them at the zoo…

·         They are very strong…

·         They are grey…

·         They like to cool off in the water…

·         Some have one horn, while others have two…

What is a unicorn?

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Fun Facts About Rhinos






The unicorn in the Bible is a rhinoceros! Yes indeed!

“The rhinoceros is one of the most powerful of animals…” {ST December 9, 1880, par. 10}. They are very strong. No one has ever been able to tame or train a rhino; they have always been wild animals.

There are rhinos with one horn, and there are rhinos with two horns, and the babies have no horns at all!

Can you guess what they eat? They eat grass, leaves, and the shoots of bushes and trees. Do you know what that means? These huge, powerful animals are vegetarians!

Poor rhinos, they cannot see very well, but they sure can hear well and they can smell very well, too.

Rhinos are such interesting animals! Do you agree? The God of heaven must be a wonderful God; He made such interesting animals. When we get to Heaven, I think I’d like to ride on a rhino; how about you?

Let’s thank God, right now, for making rhinoceroses and for making our world so interesting.

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