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Seek Him Early


Memory Verse


Who woke you up this morning? Mommy? Daddy? Did you wake up to an alarm clock? Did anyone wake up to a rooster crowing, cock-a-doodle-doo?

Nature Notes

Did you know that God made an animal whose job is to be the morning time alarm clock? That’s right! Jesus made roosters to be nature’s morning alarm clocks. Roosters are boy chickens so they look and act a little different from girl chickens, called hens. They wake up when the sun is just getting ready to rise and they begin crowing, crowing, crowing! Can you crow like a rooster?

Roosters crow for lots of reasons: To keep the flock of chickens together, to announce where food is, or to let others know where his home territory may be. There’s another important reason why rooster’s crow: If they feel threatened or if there is danger near, the rooster will crow to warn his lady hens.


Spiritual Connection

There is a rooster in the Bible, did you know? Indeed, Jesus told His disciple, Peter, that before the rooster would crow twice, Peter would deny (or speak against) Jesus, the Son of God, three times! Mark 14:30, 66-72

Yes, after Jesus had been arrested, Peter was afraid and ashamed. He did not want other people to know that he loved and obeyed God so he said bad words and spoke against Jesus. Peter said: “I do not know Him!”

Three times Peter did this! Then… he heard the rooster crow. That’s when he remembered how Jesus had warned him. Jesus had warned Peter to watch and pray, so that Satan’s temptations would not cause him to behave badly. Jesus had warned Peter to watch and pray, so that Satan’s temptations would not cause him to say bad things.

Such a sad story. If only Peter had listened to the rooster’s crow, he would have been reminded to watch and pray. Then he would have never said those bad words; he would never have spoken badly about Jesus.

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Roosters are very important. Not only do they help keep the lady hens safe but they wake us up every day. Jesus warned Peter to watch and pray. That warning is for us, too!

Roosters wake us up very early so we will have time to watch and pray. We watch and pray by spending time prayer and studying our Bible stories to learn more about Jesus.

The more we study about Jesus, the more we will love Him. The more time we spend praying to Jesus, the closer He will be to us. And the closer we stay to Jesus, the safer we will be from Satan’s temptations.

Isn’t God good to give us roosters who help remind us to get up early so we can pray and read our Bible’s?

Let’s say our memory verse together… 

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