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Right Path

The Right Path

Memory Verse


Have you ever been lost? How did you feel? What did you do?

When we disobey our parents, we are in danger of getting lost.

What happens if we disobey God? Could we be in danger of losing our way?

Nature Notes

Do you know what I have here? Yes, a map.

Do you know what a map is used for?

Do you know how to use a map?

There are many things that help us stay on the right path when we are walking outside. Walking a familiar path is the best way to not get lost. Walking with others who know the way; leaving markers along the way, like rock piles. It’s important to know where we are going! Using a map can be very helpful to avoid getting lost.


Spiritual Connection

When we forget to do what is right and good, we can get lost. Sometimes we can get lost in a store; sometimes it’s outside at the park; sometimes it’s when we’re on a walk.

If we forget to obey our parents; if we forget to obey God, we can get lost very easily… And that’s very scary.

What can you do when you feel lost? Are there some things we can do to help us? Pray? Read our Bibles? Perhaps going to church every Sabbath?

Photos & Prints

National State Park Service Maps


Getting lost can be very scary. Let’s remember to pray every day and to read our Bible’s every day; to listen to instructions; to be quick to obey.

Let’s ask God to help us remember all of these (prayer, Bible study, listening, and obeying) so we never get lost.

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