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Praying When In Trouble

The Squirrel Glider

Memory Verse


Think of someone you love.

Do you trust that person?

Will they help you when you need help?

Did you know that God has promised to help you? All you have to do is ask.


Nature Notes

Have you ever seen a squirrel? Did you know that there is another type of squirrel that can glide through the air? They are called squirrel gliders.

Squirrel gliders are tiny, little squirrels who live in trees.

They eat pollen and nectar from flowering plants, fruit, insects and the sap of eucalyptus trees.

Whenever they feel threatened, whenever they feel in trouble, they will jump from tree to tree, opening their webbed legs and gliding to the safety of another tree.

How simple, ehe?


Spiritual Connection

When we are in trouble, you and I have a simple solution, too. When we need help, all we need to do is pray. When we pray to Jesus for help, Satan must leave us. When we pray to Jesus for help, Jesus saves us from trouble, temptations and sin.

When you feel angry; pray. Jesus will save you from your anger.

When you feel sad; pray. Jesus will save you from your sadness.

When you feel scared; pray. Jesus will save you from your fear.

When you don’t want to be obedient; pray. Jesus will help you obey.

When you don’t want to listen; pray. Jesus will help you listen.

Photos & Prints

 Squirrel glider pictures and information

There are several types of gliders. Enjoy visiting the Queensland Glider Network website, seeing pictures and listening to their various sounds.


What a wonderful God we have! He gave the squirrel glider the ability to escape danger and trouble by simply jumping and gliding to safety.

This same God has given us the ability to pray. All we have to do is ask and He will deliver us; He will save us; He will take care of us.


 © Christine Gillan Byrne, 2012. Young Child Ministries, P.O. Box 27, Ojai, CA 93024 (805) 490-6055. Used with permission.