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Pet Dogs and Wild Dogs

Memory Verse


Have you ever been asked to do something?

Did you obey?

Did you disobey?

Did you know that God asks children to do something, too?


Nature Notes

Did you know that there are wild dogs and pet dogs? Do you think wild dogs are the same as pet dogs?

Well, they’re not the same.

Wild dogs live in packs. Wild dogs snarl and fight a lot. They’re always fighting over who will be the leader of the pack. Wild dogs are usually scared of people; they don’t follow rules and do not obey.

Pet dogs, on the other hand, love people! They love to play and be petted and are happy to let their owner be the leader and master. They’re good at following directions and they can be very obedient.


Spiritual Connection

As we grow and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus, we can be like wild dogs or pet dogs.

To be like pet dogs means that we will allow Jesus to be our Leader. We will study our Bible, say our prayers and sing songs of praise to Him. 

To be like pet dogs means that we will obey Jesus. If we are willing to be obedient, we will always be happy. Learning to obey Jesus, though, means that we must first learn to obey our mommies and daddies.

What do you think of that? Are you good at being obedient to your mommy/daddy?

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 Images for doggie tracks

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What a wonderful God we have! He wants us to be happy. So, He gave us mommies and daddies to help us learn the most important lesson we will ever need to learn: Obedience.

Do you want to be like a wild dog, or a pet dog? I wonder: How will you act if you are being like an obedient pet dog?