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Inside Out

Inside Out

Memory Verse



Have you ever seen hot air balloons in the sky? They usually have a lot of color and designs. Aren’t they beautiful?

Before these big balloons are filled with warm air, what do they look like? Do you know?

Nature Notes

I have a few pictures of hot air balloons before they are inflated with air. Can you tell what shape these balloons will be? Can you tell what colors they will have?

What do the balloons need in order for us to see the balloons all blown up and beautiful? Hot air! Yes, they need hot air to be blown into them before they can fly.

If balloonists try to blow up their balloons with cold air, they would be using the wrong type of air. The balloon might fill up and look beautiful, but it won’t fly. Balloons only work if you blow them up with hot air. Hot air always floats upward, above cold air. The type of air that’s inside the balloon is very important if you want the balloon to fly like it’s supposed to fly.

Spiritual Connection

You and I see only the outside of these beautiful hot air balloons just like we only see the outside of other people. We tend to think that what we see on the outside is the important part, but it’s not.

What’s really important is what is on the inside of a person. Your thoughts and feelings are the most important part of who you are. Your thoughts and feelings shape how you act, what you do and what you say.

If you try to be a good person but you only think unkind thoughts and feel unhappy feelings, you won’t be able to do what is right.

We want to do a good work for God every day, yes? We want to do what is right, yes?

Photos & Prints


Deflated Hot Air Balloon Images


Inflated Hot Air Balloon Images


Animal Shaped Hot Air Balloon Images


Let’s promise God that we will be very, very careful about our thoughts and feelings; to keep them cheerful; to protect them from wrong. If we ask for His help, God will help us keep our thoughts and feelings happy, that way we will be able to do good work for Him every day.




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