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Breath of Life

Breath of Life

Memory Verse


The Bible says “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” (Genesis 1:1; 2:7)

Nature Notes

Have you ever wondered how God breathed the breath of life into Adam and Eve?  

Take a deep breath and slowly blow it out. (Pause for activity)

I have a couple of balloons here. I’m going to do the same activity, but this time, I’m going to blow my breath out into the balloon.

What happened to the balloon? It grew bigger didn’t it? It inflated with air. Did the balloon come alive? No. Did the balloon start talking and walking? No? Why not?

You and I can blow up a balloon with the breath that God has given to us, but we don’t have the breath of life. God alone has the breath of life. God alone can breathe life into something. What are some things to which God has given the breath of life? (People, animals, birds, fish, insects.)

The breath of life is very important, isn’t it? What happens to the air in this balloon when I release it? It goes away.

Who blew air into the balloon? I did. Did the balloon become alive? No. Do I have the breath of life? No. When I let go of the balloon, the air inside the balloon went away, back to where it came from.

Spiritual Connection

Who blew air into people and animals, fish and insects? God did. (Job 12:10). Does God have the breath of life? Yes. What then happens when the breath of life goes from our bodies? Where does it go? When the breath of life goes from our bodies it goes back to God. (Job 34:14, 15; Psalm 104:29). Only God has the breathe life.

Throughout the whole Bible, we are reminded that God is the giver of life (Job 33:4); without the breath of God, there is no life (Job 34:14, 15); everything was made by the breath of God’s mouth (Psalm 3:6); and without the breath of life from God, everything returns to dust (Psalm 146:4).

When a body stops working, the breath of life goes back to where it came from, it returns to God. The lifeless body then slowly returns to dust.

But I have good news! Since only God has the breath of life, He keeps that breath for a very special event.

Did you know, God has promised that one day He will come to this world to take us to Heaven? All who love and obey His word will go to Heaven with Him and… and… God will give us the breath of eternal life – Never ending life!

All those who have ever died loving Him; all those who are alive and love Him will receive the breath of life again, only this time, the breath of life will never, ever go away! Never will anything ever die again. Never will anything ever return to dust again! In Heaven, God’s breath will give us life forever! (John 3:16; Acts 16:31).

Photos & Prints


Kermie: A Story About Death, Dying and Hope

There may be listeners who believe that in death, a person’s breath is their spirit and that death releases that spirit to become free, joining the one, great spirit. There are other beliefs, as well, such as while the body is in the grave the spirit goes to heaven or walks the earth. Death is so mysterious to the majority of people that many myths have given rise to religious beliefs.This activity and the book Kermie: A Story About Death, Dying and Hope offers Biblical truth about death and offers hope to those who are grieving.


What a wonderful God we have! He has given life to so many wonderful things in this world – you, me, animals, pets, roly-polys, worms, fireflies, butterflies, dolphins, whales… And what a wonderful God He is to promise that all who love and obey Him will one day be given the breath of life forever!

I am so excited about that promise, aren’t you? Let’s thank God, right now, for the breath of life He has given to us and for His promise to give us the breath of eternal life when He comes to take us to Heaven.

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