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Accepting Others

Accepting Others

Memory Verse


Do you like to play with other children? How many friends do you have? Do you play with only girls? No. Do you play with only boys? No. You like to play with other children who are nice, right?


Nature Notes

Did you know that animals like to play, too? Especially baby animals! They love to romp and tumble, run and chase. There’s something different about how animals play, though. Most often, animals prefer to stay with their own kind and they only play with others of their own kind. Lion cubs play with their mommy and siblings. Baby horses play with each other. Baby penguins hang out with other baby penguins.

Dolphins, though, love to play, play, play and they’ll play with anyone and everyone who is kind! They love other dolphins, they love fish, they love to play with whales; they even love to play with people!

There are even stories of dolphins helping other animals and people who have been in trouble when in the ocean waters. Dolphins have helped other dolphins and whales. Dolphins have helped people swim, navigate (steer or sail) their boats and stay safe from sharks.

If a dolphin helped you, would you be happy? Would you say “Thank you”? Would you tell other people how the dolphin had helped you? Would you be willing to help other people? Sure you would.


Spiritual Connection

In the Bible, God has instructed us to accept one another (Romans 15:7). Jesus wants us to be kind and helpful toward one another (Luke 10:25-37).  We are also instructed to go everywhere, telling people about Jesus and the love of God the Father (Matthew 28:18-20). Even when we are playing, we are to tell our friends and family about Jesus.

In the Bible, there’s a story about ten men who would not come near Jesus yet called out to Him, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” Jesus indeed had mercy on them and He healed them and made them well (Luke 17:1-19).

All ten men ran off jumping for joy, hooping and a-hollering for happiness! Only one of the healed lepers came back to say thank you to Jesus. Isn’t that sad? Jesus thought so. He asked, “Were there not ten who were healed? But where are the nine?”

If Jesus healed you from being sick, would you be happy? Would you say “Thank you”? Would you tell other people how Jesus helped you? Would you be willing to help other people, just as Jesus helped people? Sure you would.

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Dolphins Helping Others


Dolphins and Altruism

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Dolphins are very wonderful animals, don’t you think? Who made the dolphins? Yes, Jesus. And just like the dolphins whom He created, Jesus is willing to help anyone.

How does Jesus help you every day? Do you think Jesus created the dolphins to help us learn how to accept and treat each other? What can you do to help someone else?

Let’s thank Jesus for creating the wonderful dolphins. Let’s thank Jesus for helping us every day. Let’s also promise Jesus that we will be accepting and helpful to others today.