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The ability to process and understand the spoken language of others (Child Care Aware, 2008) is termed receptive language skills. This includes being able to comprehend and act according to a spoken expectation. It also includes being able to follow a series of instructions, often called steps, such as: (Step 1) go to the bookshelf, (Step 2) find the yellow book and (Step 3) bring the yellow book to me.


Attention span and the ability to attend to details are also receptive language skills. Certainly, everyone knows how important these two skills are in the school and work setting.


Obviously, receptive language skills impact a child’s expressive language skills. Remember, though, expressive language skills will become more refined as the child matures. Some simple tips include:


·         Avoid baby-talk;  besides being annoying it hinders language skill acquisition

·         Speak conversationally to the young child

·         Explain, explain, explain; tell the young child what you are doing and why you are doing it

·         Recognize and include the young child in conversations with others

·         Kindly and politely re-train incorrect speech patterns and word usage; no worries - they’ll eventually learn to speak correctly just by listening to others.


One of the best ways of helping to develop their receptive language skills is through audio recordings. Unfortunately, we here at Young Child Ministries have only been able to find one set of audio stories that are appropriate for young children. All the others – the hundreds of others – are not appropriate for the young child. Most audio stories are over dramatized with story lines that are too complex for the young mind.


When stories are over dramatized and too complex, the value of their message is weakened. In addition, the learning opportunity for receptive language skill development is compromised – the focus of the child is on the drama and noise – not on the words, pronunciations, meanings, cadence and intonation.


So here at YCM, we have provided .mp3 files for downloading. These are simple stories. Most of the stories have been written by YCM employees, others are just really good children’s books.  


Remember, these are audio files. Their purpose is for listening and learning. Don’t worry about pictures or videos; there will be plenty of time for those later.


For now, just listen.



 Audio Stories for Younger Children

Children will be fascinated with these much-loved Bible stories as they read along with Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue, former hosts of the popular radio program Your Story Hour. The unabridged five-volume My Bible Friends stories are presented here with realistic sound effects that will sweep listeners into the middle of the action. As children read along and enjoy the books' vibrant illustrations, a bell-like tone alerts them when the story moves to the next page. Preschoolers will enjoy looking at the pictures while listening, and early readers can read along while the CD plays.

There's no better way to introduce children to the exciting stories of the Bible!

2 discs approximately 130 minutes play time.

My Bible Friends Audio CD

My Bible Friends Book Set

My Bible Friends DVD

My Bible Friends Coloring Book

Audio Stories for Older Children

Move over videos! The complete set of THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND is available on compact discs!


Research shows that auditory learning is one of the best ways to strengthen a child’s attention span and memory skills. These Bible stories are like a radio play, with background music, sound effects and actors. Your children will learn lessons from scripture while enjoying the wonderful stories of the Bible. This series includes the stories of the Old Testament, stories of the life and times of Jesus, and stories of Paul and the Apostles.


The original dramatized audio Bible stories! Get all the recordings at once. The complete set contains all the recordings of the Bible In Living Sound. There are 450 stories on 75 CD's. These recordings are most appropriate for children 5 years of age and older.


Original price: $371.25   On sale now for: $249.95 and shipping is free!



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Pilgrim's Progress FREE audio downloads

Download the audio version of the The Pilgrim's Progress! Enjoy listening to Christian's Epic Journey each day on your mp3 player. Each track is packed into a WinZip file which ranges from 1Mb to 44Mb. If you choose to download every track of the Pilgrim's Progress, it will be approximately 525 Mb. You also have the ability to stream it and listen to it online. 



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