Child Care Options

When considering the possibility of using an early childhood program for your young child(ren), there are several types of care available. Knowing what is available is just as important as what the program offers, the program’s philosophies, policies and practices.




Traditional Care Centers:

  • Infant Only Center
  • Infant/Toddler Center
  • Child Care Only (non-academic focus)
  • Pre-School Only (academic focus)
  • Pre-Kindergarten Only (academic focus)
  • Transitional Kindergarten Only (academic focus)
  • Early Childhood Program (includes any combination of those above)



Specific Interest Classes:

o   Art Classes

o   Math Prep Class

o   Intro to Music Class

o   Intro to Science Class

o   Cooking with Kids Class

o   Healthy Body or Phys Ed Class

o   Intro to Sign Language Classes

o   Literacy and Language Arts Class

o   Tutorial program for after school children

o   Literacy program for struggling students


Other options that provide weekly, monthly or annual opportunities:

·         Mother’s Center

·         Parent Co-op

·         Play Group

·         Volunteer Child Care

·         Children’s Story Hour

·         Bible School


How does one choose which type of program is right for their child? Consider the checklist on how to find a child care program.


Remember to be familiar with the early childhood education models and the most prevalent early childhood theories.