Child Care - Day Care - Preschool

In reality, no one will care for your child the way you do.
               No one can meet your child's needs the way you can.
               No one will socialize your child as appropriately as you will.
The best choice for your child is to be at home with mommy and daddy.
Extended family members can be helpful, but they're difficult to fire.
So, when parents must work, these next few pages are an attempt to help provide some basic guidance on how to choose a child care provider - often called an early childhood education professional.
First of all, parents should understand the different theoretical models of child development.
Second, learn about the different early childhood educational models that are most prevalent.
Finally, print off the checklist provided to help in the decision making process.
The most important aspect to consider when choosing an early childhood program for your child is to consider the social and emotional atmosphere of the program. The checklist for finding a program will be helpful, so too will the research section of this site which provides more detail as to the importance of the social and emotional environment surrounding young children and how these affect the spiritual development of the young child.
Whether parents work or stay home, do not allow guilt to plague you. Keep your situation in prayer and be willing to make whatever decisions and changes the Lord calls you to make. If you're willing to follow, He will guide you.
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