About Us

Dr. Christine Gillan Byrne
Dr. Christine Gillan Byrne has been an early childhood professional for over 35 years working specifically with faith-based organizations and representing faith-based early childhood constituencies on county boards and state commissions. After becoming a mother, she realized the value of sharing her early childhood expertise with Christian parents and founded Young Child Ministries. She has spoken throughout North American and internationally on the topic of young children, how they learn, how best to train them and how to interpret counsel on child guidance with special interests focusing on the emotional, social, and spiritual development of each child. 
Currently, she provides leadership and consulting to faith-based early childhood professionals and parents of young children around the world through articles, books, web-based resources and speaking appointments. Most recently, she has entered into the homeschool arena and hosts the Home School Resource Room just outside of Mena, Arkansas, where educational materials and resources can be borrowed or purchased by parents who are participating in or providing for their child's education. 
In 2014, Kevin joined his wife as a speaker/presenter with Young Child Ministries. Elder Byrne has been a teacher and pastor; but it was fatherhood that taught him the value of The Father’s Blessing and the importance of the father figure and how the father impacts relationships within the home. The heaviest burden a man will ever carry is that of being the spiritual leader within the home. 

Speaking appointments are typically scheduled 12 months in advance. To schedule a speaking appointment with Young Child Ministries, please use the email link or call (479) 216-9771.