Graduate Courses University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA, Aug. 2017-present

 Probability & Stochastic Process I, Fall 2017  Convex Optimization, Fall 2017 
 Data mining, Spring 2018  Information Theory, Spring 2018 
 Genomic Sign. Processing/Data Sci., Fall 2018  Wireless communications lab, Fall 2018

Graduate Courses
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2014-2017

 Stochastic Processes  Modern Signal Processing 
 Matrix Analysis and Applications  Communication Signal Processing 
 Blind signal processing  Convex Optimization 

Undergraduate Courses - Southeast University, Nanjing, China, 2010-2014

Math & Engineering Courses    Computer Science Coursers  
 Mathematical Analysis I    Programming & Computer Fundamentals 
 Mathematical Analysis II
 Data Structures
 Geometry & Algebra 
 Comprehensive Course Design of Computer Science
 Probability Statistics & Stochastic Processes
 Computer Architecture
 Signals & Systems 
 Computer Architecture & Logic Design
 Fundamentals of Circuit 
 Fundamentals of Analog Electronic Circuits 
 Digital Signal Processing      
 Statistical Signal Processing      

 Major Coursers in Communications      
 Principle of Communication    Communication Networks  
 Digital Communication    Mobile Communication  
 Electromagnetic Field & Waves    Radio Frequency Techonolgy  
 Design of Application Specific Integrated Circuits    Integrated Course Design  
 Communication Electronic Circuits    Principles of Microwave Devices & Chip Design  
 Fundamentals of Microwave Engineering    Sensor Technology
 Wireless Network Security Techniques       
 Introduction to Information Communication Network