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While choosing among subscription-based entertainment services, Amazon Prime is the first priority of several users. In case you are also one of those users who have opted for Amazon Prime, then you have landed at the right place. This helpful and informative piece of document would guide you through the procedure to activate and set up Amazon Prime on a smart TV via www.amazon.com/mytv. You can refer to this post when you wish to get started with your subscription or 30-day free Amazon Prime trial.

But, prior to that, it is essential that you have an Amazon account and keep the www.amazon.com/mytv code handy with you. So, let's get started in your endeavor to get started with your dose of entertainment with Amazon Prime and explore the world of movies, TV shows, web series, originals, and much more.

How do you create an account for Amazon Prime?

As already said, it is important that you create an account first with which your subscription would be registered so that it can be easily activated later on:

  1. Go to www.amazon.com/mytv registration website.

  2. Here, click on the button that says "New to Amazon."

  3. Then, complete the registration by entering a few details.

  4. Next up, choose the option reading as "Create your Amazon account."

  5. You will get an OTP on your registration option.

  6. Now, copy this code and paste it into the given box.

  7. Hit the "Continue" button to finalize the account creation process.

  8. Now, you are all set for doing www.amazon.com/mytv login.

Now, install Amazon Prime video, if not installed

  1. First of all, launch the Play Store or App Store on your device.

  2. In the search bar, enter "Amazon" and find the Amazon my TV app.

  3. From the results, choose "Amazon Prime Video."

  4. Install in on your device or TV by tapping on the "Install Now" option.

  5. That's it! This is how to install the app on your device.

For device-specific applications, you can further visit the links www.amazon.com/mytv Samsung, www.amazon.com/mytv Vizio, or www.amazon.com/mytv registration Roku. Now, that you have installed the app on your device, it is time now to learn to activate it or set it up on it. But, before you begin, you need to retrieve the www.amazon.com/mytv enter code.

Learn to register and activate your device on Amazon Prime

To register your device for Amazon Video, you can follow the easy instructions given below after visiting the amazon.com/mytv website. You can follow these steps after completing the www.amazon.com/mytv verification of your account.

  1. Provide a high-speed internet connection on your device.

  2. After that, click on the "Download" option to get the Prime Video app.

  3. Now, wait for the installation of the file.

  4. Next up, tap on the option "Register on Amazon Website."

  5. Further, you will receive the www.amazon.com/mytv enter code.

  6. Make a note of this code and proceed further.

  7. From any device, go to www.amazon.com/mytv.

  8. After that, you need to log in to your Amazon account.

  9. In the given field, input the www.amazon.com/mytv code.

  10. Select the "Continue" option and you are done.

Now, start streaming your desired video content from the Amazon Prime account.

Method to set up and activate Prime video on Samsung TV

Well, setting up Prime Video on Samsung TV is easy via www.amazon.com/mytv Samsung. However, if you cannot follow the procedure and wish to learn more about it, simply use the instructions given right here:

  1. Turn on your smart Samsung TV.

  2. Grab its remote and press the "Smart Hub" button on it.

  3. Now, choose the "Samsung Apps" option using the navigation keys.

  4. From the list, choose "Prime Video."

  5. As soon as you get the app, tap to launch it.

  6. Select the option to "Register on Amazon website."

  7. Now, log in to your Amazon account.

  8. You'll get the www.amazon.com/mytv enter code.

  9. Note down this code and go to www.amazon.com/mytv.

  10. Here, you will see a blank to enter this code.

  11. Click "Continue" after entering this code.

  12. You are now all set to stream Prime Video content on your Samsung TV.


Now, you must have clearly understood the way to set up, activate, and use your Amazon Prime Video subscription on any smart TV. Just follow the simple pathway given here after visiting the www.amazon.com/mytv portal. Here, you need to create an amazon account or log in to your pre-existing Amazon account and make the best use of your Amazon Prime Login subscription. However, one thing you should make sure of one thing to avoid coming across any hurdle is to use the same account for login with which you have applied for a Prime membership subscription. Otherwise, you shall be prompted to purchase a Prime membership plan once again. Go to www.amazon.com/mytv and enter your Prime Video code that you see on your TV screen. Make sure to follow these steps and enter the activation code carefully.