Taekwondo Belt Levels and Poomsae

On this page, you will learn the Taekwondo Belt Levels in WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) and what Poomsae are required for it. Check out the WTF Poomsae Page.
NOTE: I will tell you what belt system did my (the owner of this site) Taekwondo instructor follow.
White Belt
The student has just started the journey of Taekwondo. Basic techniques are taught at this level.

Yellow Belt
The student has been promoted from White to Yellow Belt and has started to understand basic techniques and kicks. 
POOMSAE REQUIRED: Taegeuk Ee Jang  - Taegeuk Sam Jang

Green Belt
The student has understood basic techniques and not it is time for him/her to develop more techniques and start getting better. You have to practice a lot and your streching should be excellent. Check out the Streching Page.

Blue Belt
Blue represents the sky. Your kicks, techniques, poomsae; etc have to been sky high. You should be excellent at them. You should focus on accuracy, speed and balance. Power will come on its own. 
POOMSAE REQUIRED: Taegeuk Oh Jang - Taegeuk Yuk Jang

Red Belt
Red means dangerous. The student has reached a level where he defend him/herself and does not have any problems. On this stage, the student's relationship changes with the master. The master will not help him/her that much. They will help a little bit. You will have more pain. But this is for a good cause. After the pain, you will later appreciate that pain because of it, you can defend yourself and attack when needed.

Red Belt (Senior Level)
After Red Belt (or the junior red belt) you previously earned, you earn a senior-red belt. You have reached the last stage of color belts. You have to be excellent at everything. Now, you have to work very hard. YOUR NEXT BELT IS BLACK BELT.
POOMSAE REQUIRED: Taegeuk Pal Jang - Koryo

1st Degree (Dan)/Poome Black Belt
You know everything. Your color belt journey has come to an end. However, the martial art journey never ends. You should wear your black belt with pride because you have earned it. Now start working for your 2nd Degree (Dan)/Poome Black Belt.
POOMSAE REQUIRED: Koryo - Keumgang