Poome & Dan Black Belts

On this page, you will learn about Poome Black Belts and Dan (Degree) Black Belts. I am sure you have heard of the terms 1st Dan Black Belt or 1st Degree Black Belts (Dan is Korean for Degree). But have you ever heard this term, "1st Poome (pronounciation: pum) Black Belt"?  On this page, I will tell you about Poome and Dan Black Belts.
POOME BLACK BELTS are junior black belts which are for children under 15. There are 10 Dan Black Belts but there are only 4 Poome Black Belts. 
This is the URL where you can see the picture of the Poome Black Belt. They belt is half red and half black but it is a junior black belt and not a senior-red belt.
DAN (DEGREE) BLACK BELTS are senior black belts. Children aged 15 or above this age get this black belt. The belt is fully black and has your name on it and your Dan Stripe. There are 10 Dans (or Degrees) for full black belts. They start from 1 to 10. So if you are 1st Dan, you have your name in English and Korean and you have a yellow line. 8th Dan, there are 8 yellow lines.