Welcome to Mr. Rosen' music classes at Walter Reed Middle School.

Mr. Rosen is a full-time music faculty member at Walter Reed Middle School. He is also a bassist in the greater Los Angeles area. 

Music education is Mr. Rosen's passion because he believes in the unique value of music class in public schools. He has a deep love for all music, and his goal is to help young people become creative individuals. He believes music is a subject that helps students become creative thinkers and can help learn focus, strategy, teamwork, logic, and patience. 

After receiving his B.A. in Music Education from Cal State Northridge, Mr. Rosen studied music performance at University of California, Los Angeles and San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Mr. Rosen received his teaching credential from CSUN, and student taught at Walter Reed Middle School under the guidance of Ms. O'Rourke.