My Vision

The purpose of this website is to spread awareness of pro-wrestling of yesteryear from all over the world.

The Past
In the summer of 2000, I began this site with several goals.  Inspired by the Sherry Ross Hockey Scouting Reports, I wanted to create such reports of pro-wrestlers.  In doing so, hopefully fans could learn about talent that they had never seen or heard of and compare them to stars that they knew.  My coverage expanded from active to inactive talent, to fighters, to pro-wrestling books and documentaries and it grew into something unmanagable for a single person.  Eventually, I lost my domain name, found myself doing sporadic updates and got word from Geocities that my site would be destroyed in October 2009.  I decided to scrap the current product updates and focus on the past.

The Present
As a husband, father and working professional, this website needed to either be reworked or retired.  While my updates grew less frequent, I have continued to work away.  Reading books and newsletters, watching videos, listening to interviews and taking copious notes have continued to keep me involved.  It became clear though that this website needed to be made over.  Many parts needed to be scrapped and the current product(s) became the target.  Although pieces of the current product(s) may pop up, they will no longer be a focal point of this website.

I am working to update and add completed profiles from my Geocities site along with creating new ones.  I have been including pro-wrestlers who are still active, but past their peak years.  I have also found that creating videos on YouTube has both increased traffic and given me a niche on that platform.  I have produced over twenty and have many more planned.

The Future
This website is a labor of love.  I see no money from it and though that would be nice, I am sure the financial rewards would be meager.  While I have a busy personal life, this work has been constant in my life for more than a decade and I have no plans of abandoning it.  I tend to work cyclically now, going between profiles on the website, video packages on YouTube and media reviews on my blog.  I have tried to use social media to an extent, but balancing the time commitment and the incalculable value is a challenge.  I think I will continue along as I have in the past few years as there is no end in sight!

Thanks for your support,

   - scout