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Zambuie Express (Kareem Muhammad & Elijah Akeem)

Kareem Muhammad (Ray Candy)
Real Name - Ray Canty
Birthdate - 12/3/51 -

6'3" 350 lbs. - Decatur, GA

Athletic Background - n/a
Teacher(s) -
Dory Funk Jr.
Professional Background -
All South(`73-), Amarillo, Florida(`76), WCCW(`82), Oregon(`88), WCW(`88), WWC(`87)
Aliases -
Masked Superfly, Superfly, Kareem Mohammad, Blackstud Williams, Commando Ray

Elijah Akeem (Leroy Brown)
Real Name - Roland Daniels
Lifespan - 11/30/50 - 9/6/88
6'2" 320 lbs. - Savannah, GA
Athletic Background - n/a
Teacher(s) - n/a
Professional Background -
Georgia(`77), Memphis(`77), Dallas(`78), Tri-State(`78), Los Angeles(`78-`79), Florida(`79-`81), Mid-South(`80-`81), Mid-Atlantic(`81-`82), Georgia(`81-`82), Florida(`82), New Japan(`85), Hawaii(`85-`86), Mid-South(`86), Central States(`86)
Aliases - Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Georgia Sweets, Muhammad Jabbar

Professional Background (together) - Florida(`82-`83), Memphis(`84), New Japan(`84), NWA/JCP(`84), Georgia(`84), SWCW(`84), TASW(`86), WWC(`86)

Peak Years - `83-`84

Finisher(s) - 

- Double Powerslam

- Clawhold [Muhammad]

- Sleeper [Akeem]

- Headbutt Drop [Muhammad]

- Big Splash [Akeem]

- Vertical Suplex [Muhammad]

- Jumping Elbowdrop [Both]

Favorites -

- Bodyslam [Both]

- Lariat [Akeem]

- Turnbuckle Smash [Muhammad]

- Headbutt [Akeem]

- Overhead Forearm [Both]

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6/4

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - If the game is getting heat, then the Zambuie Express were the perfect players.  Both were experienced veterans with long runs as babyfaces throughout the South prior to coming together as a team.  Ray Candy made his start in his home state of Georgia working for Ann Gunkel’s All-South.  Since he worked for the sanitation department, Candy was run down by the NWA opposition’s Bill Watts.  Curiously enough, Candy was became a top star for Watts a few years later and headlined the second most successful Superdome show when he took on Ernie Ladd in a steel cage.  Candy did not always have those opportunities and he spent time as “Superfly” wearing a green and purple bodysuit and mask along with other less memorable runs.  Leroy Brown, named for the Jim Croce song, was also a Georgia boy and was found more success along the way in Texas, California and Florida.  He learned a lot from partners like Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen and when the chance to play the heel came, Leroy Brown thrived.  He had a booming voice that matched his giant stature and he had a charisma that worked as a both a babyface and as a heel.  In Florida, Brown transformed into “Elijah Akeem” and he was soon joined by Ray Candy as “Kareem Muhammad” and they were referred to as the “Muslim Connection,” although more widely as the “Zambuie Express.”  The two were an impressive and intimidating pair that played to the fears of Black Panther militarism throughout the South.  They were natural foes for super teams like of Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan or Jerry Lawler his various former rivals like Austin Idol, Dutch Mantel and Jos LeDuc.  They were also able to get over instantly, so they might be brought in to work a big show opposite an established top team like the Road Warriors, the Wild Samoans or the Sheepherders.  The Zambuie Express was something of a hotshot act and with the territories drying up, they ran out of places to go.  Both men retired not long after they split.  Leroy Brown died in 1988 and Ray Candy died in 1994.  While few might promote them as one of the greatest tag teams of all-time, they left an impression and teams like Doom and the Nation of Domination inherited their racially charged act.