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Kazuo Yamazaki

Real Name - Kazuo Yamazaki
Birthdate - 


5'11" 182 lbs. - Tokyo, Japan

Athletic Background - 

Judo (High School)

Teacher(s) - 

(New Japan Dojo); Satoru Sayama

Professional Background - New Japan(`81-`84), UWF(`84-`85), New Japan(`85-`88), UWF(`88-`90), UWFi(`91-`95), New Japan(`95-`00)

Aliases - none

Groups - none

Peak Years - `88-`97


- Cross Armbreaker

- German Suplex

- Spinning Back Kick

- Front High Kick

- Mid Kick

- Leg Kick

Ringwork Rating


Intangibles Rating


Place in History - 

The UWF craze hit it big because of the pro-wrestlers involved, but the most significant byproduct was the new stars that were created that may never have been made otherwise.  Some of their premier talent were simply excellent at the distinct style and got over within the context of the style.  Kazuo Yamazaki was one of those. A next-to-the-top wrestler who was amazing at the shoot-style, but lacked the color and personality to become a main event draw.  In the UWF, Yamazaki was the premier kicker and was a strong heel-like star to go against people like Nobuhiko Takada.  A little more established in the UWFi, Yamazaki was one of their best and always kept strong.  His style was like that of a brawler in pro-wrestling, but he used realistic strikes. That style became wildly popular amongst the Japanese and likely influenced a generation of pro-wrestlers.  He was so good that Yamazaki was one of the few UWFi wrestlers to catch on and do reasonably well in New Japan. While not as celebrated as Takada and Maeda, Yamazaki's contributions deserve their just due as he was one of the key supporting players in the UWF, UWFi and the UWFi-New Japan feud.