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Waldo Von Erich (1933-2009)


Real NameWalter Paul "Wally" Seiber
Lifespan - 10/2/1933 - 7/5/2009
6’ 265 lbs. - Hamilton, ONT

Athletic BackgroundWeightlifting, Bodybuilding, Swimming

Teacher(s)Red Garner

Professional Background???(`54-), Toronto(`57), Mid-Atlantic(`58), Toronto(`59), Indianapolis, Vancouver(`63), AWA(`63-`64), WWWF(`64-`65), St. Louis(`66), Dallas(`66-`67), Stampede(`68), Australia(`69-`), WWWF(`69), Tri-State(`71), NWF(`71-`72), Australia(`73-`74), WWWF(`75), Tri-State(`77), Toronto(`7?-`79)

AliasesWaldo Von Seiber, Baron Von Seiber, El Tigre, The Green Hornet, Mr. M, The Great Zimm, Wild Man Zimm

Groups - Big Bad John’s Mercenaries

Peak Years`63-`71

Place in HistoryThe real trick to pro-wrestling, according to some, is to get the most heat with the least amount of work.  If this was an unquestionable truth, then Waldo Von Erich would rank amongst the greatest pro-wrestlers of all-time.  During his twenty-five year career, this supposed Nazi who was actually from Hamilton, Ontario, was able to spend most of his time getting big payoffs for simply riling up the fans with minimal effort.  Wally Seiber was billed as a German heel from almost the outset of his career.  He spent several years bouncing around, often going under a hood and learning his craft.  He found some success as the Great Zimm, but he eventually crossed paths with Fritz Von Erich and he was reborn.  Many men took on the German heel persona from Hans Schmidt to Baron Von Raschke, but Waldo Von Erich was willing to go that extra step to become a truly sinister bad guy.  By the mid-60s, Waldo Von Erich was a hot commodity and had his act down.  He wipe himself with his towel and toss it at the babyface, he would sneer at the crowd and he would eventually get behind a microphone.  Waldo Von Erich could draw heat in the ring, but on the mic, few have ever been more effective.  The accent, the intonations, the arrogance and the vitriol with which Waldo Von Erich delivered his promos were the stuff of legend.  It was this package that afforded him runs as a top heel in  Australia, New York, Dallas, Cleveland and Oklahoma.  Interestingly, he was regarded by his peers as a limited worker in the ring and a cut-up outside of it.  Waldo Von Erich stayed a highly effective heel into his forties and drew some big house at Madison Sqaure Garden as his career was winding down.  He remains one of the best examples of a performer whose ability to grab the fans and manipulate them can make you a top star much faster and then hold that spot longer than being an elite athlete and in-ring worker.