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The Von Steigers (Kurt & Karl)

Kurt Von Steiger

Real Name -

Arnold Pastrick

Birthdate - n/a
??? - Winnipeg, MAN
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - [Madison Wrestling Club]
Professional background - Winnipeg(`59-`68), Arizona(`72-`74), Maritimes(`73), Portland(`74,`78-`81)
Aliases - Arnold Pastrick, Al Pastrick, Al Torres

Karl Von Steiger

Real Name -

Lorne Corlett

Birthdate - n/a
??? - Winnipeg, MAN
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers -
[Madison Wrestling Club]
Professional background - Winnipeg(`60-`68), AWA(`63), Vancouver(`68), Arizona(`72), Amarillo(`72-`74), JWA(`73), Florida(`75), Nashville(`75), New Japan(`76),
Hawaii(`78-`80), All Japan(`79-`81,`84,`86-`87)
Aliases - Lorne Corlett, Butcher Boy Corlett, Masked Superstar

Professional Background (as a team) - Stampede(`67), Portland(`68-`71), Hawaii(`69), Australia(`71), Mid-Atlantic(`71), San Francisco(`77-`78)

Peak Years - `67-`71

Place in History

After World War II, there were numerous German heels throughout the pro-wrestling world. Many were not authentic Germans and the Von Steigers were amongst that crowd. Both were a pair of Winnipeg natives who had worked in the city for years.

Al Torres (Pastrick) was turned into German heel Kurt Von Steiger complete with a bald head and sinister facial hair.

Pastrick, despite being the son of Polish parents who had survived concentration camps, embraced the opportunities that the gimmick gave him. He took the gimmick to Calgary and soon partnered up with Lorne Corlett who became Karl and they soon went on the warpath. Following the success of

the Von Erichs and the Von Brauners, a pair of good hands in the could go from the middle of the card to headlining just by tossing on some

sashes with Iron Crosses and brutalizing babyface opponents. They found their greatest success in Portland when the promotion had some great homegrown stars. Building a reputation as excellent ring generals who knew how to work the crowd and their German gimmick, the Von Steigers spent five years globetrotting and finding success.

Kurt bought into the Arizona office when it was doing well in the 1970s. He trained some notable stars, but the promotion eventually dropped off. Kurt headed back to Portland and worked for a while, but set up a septic system company and retired from the business. While Kurt was entrenched in Arizona, Karl

moved on and spent more time touring and tag wrestling. He was a regular in All Japan in the late 1970s, the perfect type of vicious foreign heel for the product at that time. His career petered off before he retired in the late 1980s.

The Von Steigers stand out as an example of how the right guys paired together and given the right character can find tremendous success. While they were not the biggest stars or even the best in regards to being German heels,

they the most well-travelled and left a broader impact as a result.