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Villano V

Real Name - Raymundo Díaz Mendoza Jr.

Birthdate - 3/22/62

5’9” 220 lbs. - Mexico City, DF, Mexico

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - Ray Mendoza, Villano I

Professional Background - n/a


Groups - Los Villanos

Peak Years - `84-`91

Finisher(s) - 

- La Tapatia

- Stepover Armbar

Favorites -


- Suicide Dive

- Powerslam

- One-Footed Dropkick

- Chop    

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The last, although not the youngest, of the legendary Villano brothers.  Raymundo Diaz, the son of Ray Mendoza, followed his father’s wishes of pursuing a formal education prior to becoming a luchador.  He later became noted for being an orthodontist and acupuncturist outside of the ring and clips of his working on a patient while wearing his pink Villano mask are unforgettable.  Raymundo started in the late 1970s and took on Villano III’s previous persona of Rokambole, based on a telenovela about a notable literary character. Naturally, he became a regular in the UWA, which his father had helped form.  He spent nearly ten years under the persona and was a successful undercard character. While he did take the mask and hair of many luchadors, the only one of note was Bronco who went on to be a third of one of the UWA’s Los Diabolicos.  In 1983, he finally became an Villano and joined his brothers, specifically Villano I (Jose) and Villano IV (Thomas), as a trio. Jose was twelve years older, had been one of the main trainers of his youngest two brothers. Villano II (Alfredo) had struggled with injuries and Villano III (Arturo) was breaking out as a top-notch singles wrestler, so tagging with the IV and V was a logically choice.  It was during the era that the UWA popularized these six-man and Los Villanos against Los Brazos became one of the company’s most famous rivalries. The battled over the UWA Trios titles in bloody battles that culminated in one of the most famous mask matches in history with all six men putting up their masks. Los Villanos came out on top. Villano I slowed down and Villano IV and V, who were very close in age, formed a successful tag team.  They went on to work for CMLL, AAA, WWA and IWRG and captured tag titles or trios titles with Villano III. In 1996, IV and V made the decision to sign with WCW. Their time with the company was unremarkable, although not insignificant as Villano V’s neck was broken in a televised match. He made his return though and continued splitting his time between WCW and CMLL. After returning to Mexico, Villano V continued working in tag matches with his brothers and slowly winding his career down.  Then Villano V came back for one last big run culminating in 2008 when he defeated Blue Panther in a mask match. Several months later, Ultimo Guerrero took Villano V’s mask. He spent the rest of his career working as Ray Mendoza Jr. and has more recent brought his sons into the sport with one of them working as Villano V Jr.