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Real Name - Ian Richard Hodgkinson
Birthdate - 5/31/67
6'2" 250 lbs. - Thunder Bay, ONT

Athletic Background - Hockey (Junior League)

Teacher(s) - Abdullah the Butcher

Professional Background - Indies(`84-`91), IWA[Montreal](`84), CMLL(`91-`98), WAR(`94), Michinoku Pro(`97), Promo Azteca(`98), Toryumon(`98), WCW(`98-`01), CMLL(`01-), All Japan(`01), Indies(`01-), XPW(`01-`02), WWC(`02), MLW(`03-`04), IWA-PR(`03-`05), NWA-TNA(`03), Europe(`05-`06), AAA(`05-`06), NWE[Italy](`05), WSX(`06-`07), IWRG(`07), All Japan(`07), AAA(`08-`10), AAA(`11-)

AliasesIan Richards, Gene Anderson, Vampiro Canadiense, Vampiro Casanova, El Vampiro

Groups - The Dead Pool, Dark Carnival

Peak Years - `92-`98

Finisher(s) - 
Vampiro Spike/Nail in the Coffin (Michinoku Driver)
- Tombstone
- Uranage
- Flying Spin Wheel Kick
- Vampiro Bomb (Pumphandle Liger Bomb)

Favorites -
- Chokeslam
- Powerbomb
- Jump Spin Front Kick
- Spin Wheel Kick
- Chop

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Pro-wrestling has provided a home to a great many wayward young men who have found fame and fortune through it.  Ian Hodgkinson, a rebellious Canadian kid, eventually found his way into lucha libre and became one of the genre’s biggest stars.  He was decidedly given too much, too fast, but thankfully he had a charisma that had long transcended his in-ring ability. El Vampiro Canadiense was one of the sensations from the period when EMLL got back on TV in Mexico City.  He was a foreigner with a sexual charisma that made him among the biggest stars in lucha libre.  Over time, Vampiro even turned into a good worker.  He also transformed from a romantic vampire to a dark vampire and introduced martial arts to his repertoire and people began thinking he had potential to make an impact in the US. It was WCW that brought him in, but the company was in a tailspin and his up and down run did more harm than good in the long run.  Mounting injuries, a different style and a questionable reputation prevented Vampiro from ever realizing his full potential.  He worked off and on, while pursuing other interests, but still showed that he a great aura and could be effective in the ring with his unique style.  In 2008, Vampiro returned to Mexico with AAA and showed that he still had tremendous appeal.  His tenure with the company has been strained at times, but Vampiro keeps coming back and still means something because his star was so bright in the 1990s.