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Jimmy Valiant


Real Name - James Harold Fanning

Birthdate - 9/6/42
6'3" 239 lbs. - Shawsville, VA

Athletic Background - Football, Wrestling (High School) 

Teacher(s) - Frank Zella; Dick the Bruiser, Verne Gagne

Professional Background - Midwest(`64-`74), WWWF(`74-`75), Indianapolis(`74), AWA(`75-`76), Georgia(`76), San Francisco(`76), Nashville(`77), Memphis(`77-`81), Florida(`78), Indianapolis(`78), Mid-Atlantic(`81), Toronto(`82), Mid-Atlantic(`83-`84), SWCW(`84), Memphis(`85), JCP/NWA(`86), USWA(`90)

Aliases - Big Jim Vallen, Mr. Mempho, King James I, Charlie Brown

Groups - The Valiant Brothers, First Family 

Peak Years - `74-`82

Finisher(s) - 
- "Flying" Elbowdrop

Favorites - 
- Backdrop 
- Hip Toss 
- Back Elbow 
- Running Elbow 
- Punch

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 

 Entertainment 10 
 Heat 10 

Place in History - Jimmy Valiant's career spans roughly forty years and over that time he had some major ups and downs throughout the United States. After spending his early years not doing much in the Midwest, he was brought into New York. Dubbed "Handsome Jimmy" and paired with "brother", Luscious Johnny," the Valiant Brothers become a strong heel tag team for the WWWF in no time. After over a year holding the tag belts, they dropped them and left town, enjoying a final run together in the AWA. The stint made both of their careers and while Johnny didn't do much of note aside from managing, Jimmy went on to become a huge star in Memphis and the Southeast. In the 70s, Valiant was one of the biggest and most over heels in the country and he toured around a lot. While not a good technical worker, he was great at working the Southern crowds who bought his act. Not surprisingly, he was able to make a full turnaround and as the "Boogie Woogie Man" he was a cult figure in the areas where he'd made it as a heel. Personal problems and lack of workrate maybe have kept Jimmy Valiant's later years from being meaningful with younger fans, but to one generation he really clicked. He continues to work, promote and train wrestlers in the same old style in the Virginia area to this day.