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Vader (1955-2018)


Real Name - Leon Allen White
Lifespan - 5/14/1955 - 6/18/2018
6'5" 450 lbs. - Boulder, CO

Athletic Background - Football (NFL)

Teacher(s) - Brad Rheingans

Professional Background - AWA(`85-`87), CWA(`87), New Japan(`87-`92), UWA, WCW(`91-`95), UWFI(`93-`95), WWF(`96-`98), All Japan(`98-`00), NOAH(`00-`03), WJ(`03), New Japan(`06-`07)

AliasesLeon White, Baby Bull, Bull Power, Big Van Vader, Super Vader

Groups - Sullivan's House of Animals, Camp Cornette, Makai Club

Peak Years - `90-`96

Finisher(s) - 
- Powerbomb
- Vader Bomb/Big Van Crush (Flying Splash)
- Moonsault

Favorites -
- Chokeslam
- Face Eraser (Reverse Powerbomb)
- Vader Attack (Body Attack)
- Vader Hammers (Forearms)
- Lariat

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Perhaps the greatest big man worker of all-time, Leon White has worked all over the globe and seen greater success than nearly everyone of his contemporaries bar a select few. His breaks came quickly as he was a pretty agile football player who was pushed hard right off the bat. He was given the CWA Heavyweight title and remained the champion for quite a stretch due to infrequent dealings with the company. Then after Jim Hellwig bailed on New Japan's post-Apocalyptic warrior character - Big Van Vader, the green big man was brought in. Competing at that level quickly elevated Vader's abilities and in a few years he was a strong worker. He had gone on to success in Mexico as well before returning to the US in the early 90s. WCW realized the ability of Vader and pushed him hard in a stellar, though somewhat short program with Sting. After that his days in the US never did very well, he was banged up and not pushed properly much of the time and often stuck with the wrong guys. He had an even sadder run with the WWF before returning to Japan and pulling out some strong efforts in his forties. After his game has dropped off Vader is largely living off his legacy in Japan as one of the few who beat Antonio Inoki and has always been a top gaijin over there. He's competed everywhere, won titles everywhere and is probably the best 400+ pound worker the wrestling world has ever and may likely ever see.