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The Undertaker


Real Name - Mark William Calloway
Birthdate - 3/24/62
6'9" 328 lbs. - Bastrop, TX

Athletic Background - Basketball (Wesleyan University)

Teacher(s) - The Spoiler

Professional Background - World Class(`84-`88), USWA(`89), WCW(`89-`90), New Japan(`90), WWF/WWE(`91-), USWA(`93)

AliasesTexas Red, The Commando, "Mean" Mark Callous, Master of Pain, "Punisher" Dice Morgan, Kane the Undertaker

Groups - Akbar's Army, Ministry of Darkness, The Corporate Ministry

Peak Years - `93-`99

Finisher(s) - 
- Tombstone
- Chokeslam
- Hell's Gate (Gogoplata Variation)
- Last Ride (High Angle Powerbomb)
- Takin' Care of Business (Dragon Sleeper)
- Callous Clutch (Jaw Grip Submission)
- Heart Punch

Favorites -
- Old School (Ropewalk Forearm)
- Tope Suicida
- Jumping Lariat
- Big Boot
- Corner Lariat

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - The WWE has given the Undertaker everything, most notably was one of the best gimmicks ever conceived. After toiling in mediocrity for several years, Mark Calloway was finally given a break as a supernatural heel, the Undertaker. He was able to ride a monster push to the top within a year and he has remained there or nearby ever since. Like any professional, the Undertaker was able to repackage himself to suit the times. After turning babyface, he spent several years battling monster heels reminiscent of Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan before him. When the Monday Night Wars began upping the ante, the Undertaker became increasingly dark before turning into a Satanic cult leader that kept him visible and over despite his mounting injuries. After healing up, he returned, completely transformed into a bad ass biker, which was more in line with his real life persona. This new Undertaker thrived, even chopping off his hair, picking up some tricks from MMA and calling himself "Big Evil." Following this character's run, he returned with a new version that combined elements of his previous characters. Furthermore, he began working less regularly and is able to have one amazing match once a year or so. Pro-wrestling is infamous for its off-the-wall characters and gimmicks and who ever thought when dead man managed by a Southern preacher debuted for a millionaire's team that over twenty years later he would be one of the most successful and most famous wrestlers of all-time.