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Jumbo Tsuruta (1951 - 2000)


Real Name - Tomomi Tsuruta
Lifespan - 3/25/1951 - 5/13/2000
6'4" 225 lbs. - Makioka, Yamanashi, Japan

Athletic Background - Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling (`72 Olympics), Basketball (Chuo University), Sumo, Swimming (High School)

Teacher(s) - Akio Sato, Masio Koma (All Japan Dojo), Dory Funk Jr., Lou Thesz

Professional Background - All Japan(`72-`99)

AliasesTomomi Tsuruta, Tommy Tsuruta

Groups - none

Peak Years - `76-`91

Finisher(s) - 
- Back Suplex
- "Jumbo" Lariat
- German Suplex
- Thesz Press
- Missile Dropkick

Favorites -
- High Knee
- Butterfly Suplex
- Spinning Toehold
- Headlocking Abdominal Stretch
- Elbow

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set10 

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Tomomi "Jumbo" Tsuruta went from a fine amateur wrestler, who even competed in the Olympics, to one of the greatest superstars in the world and especially in his homeland of Japan. He made the transition to the pro ranks quickly and was teamed with the Giant Baba to get the rub. As time went on, Tsuruta moved out of Baba's shadow and established himself as All Japan's top star. Aside from his team with Baba, he formed teams with Genichiro Tenryu (Kakuryu) and Yoshiaki Yatsu (Olympians) that were major forces in All Japan. Tsurata became Baba's most solid performer putting on top notch matches into the 90s with young lions, namely Mitsuharu Misawa. He put All Japan's new breed over and after being stricken with Hepatitis B, he gradually bowed out. Jumbo Tsuruta became a college researcher after being forced out of his office position in  All Japan.  However, his life was cut short, due to liver and kidney problems. He will be remembered as one of the most outstanding workers and dependable stars, not only in Japan, but in all of the world.