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Tony Charles (1940-2015)

Real NameTony Charles Scott

Birthdate - 7/15/1940 - 2/13/2015

5’10” 198 lbs. - Treorchy, South Wales

Athletic BackgroundWrestling (British Empire Games 1958)

Teacher(s) - n/a

Professional BackgroundEngland(`60-`7?), IWE(`68), EMLL(`70), AWA(`72), Florida(`73-`76), New Japan(`73-`75), Georgia(`75-`76), Florida(`77), Dallas(`77), SECW(`78), Memphis(`79-`81), Mid-South(`81), SECW(`82), WCCW(`82-`83)


Peak Years`61-`74

Place in HistoryAs an amateur, he represented his country in the Empire Games.  He was recruited by Jack Dale to the professional ranks and quickly climbed the ladder.  Charles began as a welterweight.  During that era, lighter weight wrestlers might have had the better matches and been superior workers overall, but the heavyweights tended to headline cards.  Charles bulked up and moved into the light heavyweight and mid-heavyweight classes.  Although he never captured a major title in any of the weight classes, he challenged for all of them, which was a rare feat in itself.  Within his first few years, Charles was really turning heads with his explosive speed, unlimited stamina and legitimate credentials made the Welshman the ideal type for ITV’s World of Sport wrestling.  That exposure led to bigger matches and Tony worked with many of the country’s smaller heavyweights - Billy Joyce, Al Hayes, Steve Veidor and Les Kellett.  The Welsh Wizard, for all his skill and popularity, was limited in his success.  When the tag team craze began taking over in the 1960s, a young Adrian Street aspired to tag his fellow countryman as the "Welsh Dragons."  Although they were dubbed the "Welsh Wizards," their partnership was a successful one, particularly in Northern England.  However, Adrian was destined to be a villain and they split up so he could team with Bobby Barnes.  Tony Charles, like many British heavyweights, had opportunities overseas and he did not squander them.  Charles became one of several Europeans who were able to get over in the undercards with their distinct style.  He, Les Thornton, Al Hayes and Billy Robinson were part of a British invasion that swept through the territories as they partnered up or paired off.  While he had some title runs here and there, Charles was never given a run on top of any promotion.  Tony Charles fell in love with Florida and eventually made Gulf Breeze his home with Adrian Street and Lance Russell nearby.  He is remembered by many for being a legit tough guy who was not above challenging any less than Billy Robinson to a fight after a few pints.  While he might have come out on the losing end of many scraps, he earned the respect of many for his guts.  In the ring, Tony Charles was considered a master of the highest level by many of his peers.  He is even one of the few pros with a spot named for him as a series of monkey flips and roll throughs while two men are in a knucklelock is known to many in the business as a “TC” in honor of Tony Charles.